Winter or summer people use their spa in different ways Let us look under the hood at the equipment. We might be able to catch something before it developes into a major repair.

Seasonal Startups 

Insulated Spa Covers

And Cover lifters

Equipment Upgrades

And features

Estimate Charge

to run tests

I charge $65.00 to cover my costs which includes 15 minutes of Labor to run all tests

Down PaymentS &

Special Orders

Special Orders Need to be fully Prepaid. This includes Covers and Computer controls

Why Choose Aquastar?

 Portable Spa repair has to rank in the top ten obscure specialty services when it comes to who to call when your spa breaks down. The problems we are presented with go far beyond just replacing heaters and pumps. Many time the age of the spa has outlived the machinery installed when the spa was new. The challenge then becomes how to design a replacement system that will keep the spa running reliably. This takes Skill and Experience

  I rely on the 25 +Years of experience specifically having to do with Portable Spas and their unique function in our modern day world. Ask yourself, "what other appliance that you own do you physically get into knowing that while submerged you are surrounded by caustic chemicals and high voltage .?"

Our Approach

I treat customers like I would want to be treated .That means If you invite me over to help with your spa problem that I charge a nominal fee for the estimate to cover my costs ($65.00).It means that I will make every attempt to be on time and treat you with courtesy and respect and yes if you have a dog mind the gate while I'm there.

Hot Tub cover are absolutely essential in keeping costs down Ask us about the kind of cover best suited to you needs. Cover Lifters available as well

Having a pro help with your spa problems is worth the money spent.    And as always... Spiders slain at no extra charge!​

Call Aquastar  

​(916) 786-0925  Roseville

[916-988-8606]  voice only

​[916]-532-2211  Voice ,Text,Pic

Upgrade instead of replacing that old spa.

 Give us a chance to show you how an equipment upgrade will  solve nagging problem and cost less  to run as well

Aquastar Spa Repair

Aquastar Spa Repair Spa Covers - Spa Equipment Repair-pumps-heaters-upgrades

Don' t Let a good Spa go Bad​

O​ver 13,000 jobs completed and 7500 satisfied customers served since 1988


On Repairs

Hourly Rate  $95.00/Hour


Payments Accepted

Visa/M.C. Cash and Checks,Paypal

unless otherwise agreed to in advance payment is expected on the day work is performed. Because Visa & M.C.processing charge me  a surcharge, a minimum of $300.00  per sale is required to accept credit  and debit cards .

Android # 916-532-2211     Fax 916-988-2729

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Rate increases Effective 2/1/2016

Coverage Area

Sacramento is over a thousand square miles almost impossible to cover adequately. The area that I focus on is North of Hwy 50, West of the Sacramento River, East to Placerville and North to Auburn. Some preexisting customers  outside these areas are of course  seen when asked.