Texting is ideal for Technical Questions

       Try It:  916-532-2211

Screening Calls

Remote call forwarding

I have been in business for over 25 years.I have have various phone numbers in that period of time. Every phone number listed forwards to my Cell phone, Everyone!. However there are Telemarketers that want to talk to me. If your prefix is not 916 your call will go to voice mail. Sorry but that is the only way to handle pushy sales people. I try to return all calls.


916-786-0925  Roseville 

916-988-8606 Voice Only

916-532-2211 Voice,Text,Pic

Personal Sanctuary

We believe that having a place to retreat to and gather ones thoughts, do some star gazing and sooth the aches and pains of everyday life is best provided by a good soak. No prescription necessary, no lingering side effects A place to converse  and renew. Our mission is to make the spa work for you,not make you work for the spa.

Android Txt & Pix  916-532-2211  Fax  916-988-2729

​Folsom Roseville  916-988-8606 or 916-850-2660

Every attempt is made to perform the repairs onsight but if necessary i have a fully equiped bench  to handle  more serious issues

$65.00 for Estimates or evaluations

We make our living on service ...not estimates!



Aquastar Spa Repair

Answering the phone is difficult I cannot drive and write at the same time safely.  Texting is the preferred way  to reach me quickly.  That way you can include a photo to help identify the problem or the spa Or fill out the service request form in the contacts section or leave a cell number so that I can at least acknowledge your call with a text  when i have a moment​. 

Ca.Contractors Number

D-35 with H-1 Certificate

   # 628924 in good standing

Aquastar Spa Repair