Aquastar Spa Repair

Buying a Portable spa

Buying a portable spa

The Usual Suspects:

Catalog Merchants

The Big Box stores

Internet Re-Sellers and foreign websites

Discount Club Stores

Vendors at Fairs and Home shows

​Even Dealers of reputable spas

Doing the Math

There is physics involved here

The better made spas understand the relationship between horsepower and  flow rates.. Components are rated at functioning optimally at a certain PSI and a certain volume of flow (flow rate). Most spa systems operate around 15 PSI but flow rates vary widely. It is this flow rate that becomes destructive leading to premature leaks in the spa plumbing .

The number of jets and the amount of water volume at a certain PSI is dependant upon the pumps ability to;

1) draw water into itself through the filter

     and then under compression 

2) deliver that water to the jet system.

Along the way the way are losses to this pressurized water by every 90 degree turn the water has to make and every valve it passes through. The length of plumbing,  the kind of plumbing whether smooth wall or spiral flex.and the attention placed on each plumbing joint is what distinguishes a good spa from that is slapped together. 

Some manufactors just install large pumps  hoping that the spa goes through warranty without leaking.

Buying a portable spa

What to consider

Whether or not this is your first spa or your third, there continues to be certain spas and certain construction techniques that lie hidden beneath the surface of glistening acrylic and bubbling hot water and now an even larger problem.

What happens when you cannot repair the spa?

What I have discovered in 25 years of working on these things is there is a relationship between horsepower,the number of jets and the number of times the service technician gets called.

The most reliable spa is one that has two 2 HP motors and not that spa that has 70 jets and three 4 Hp Pumps. Consider the wattage of four and five housepower pumps. When the spa is tuned on with everything running, the pumps wattage can actually exceed the heater wattage.

Aquastar Spa Repair - Balboa Watergroup-gecko-acc- Sundance-jacuzzi- Chinese Spas

China has eventually found in roads into the portable spa market place They will not boldly proclaim "Made in China" but by law China is required to put labels on components that they produce that may be used in the spa..This is where the problem comes in. The spa cabinet in the show room is not generally taken off showing the equipment. It therefore becomes the responsibilty of the consumer to ASK the salesperson about what percentage of Chinese components comprise the spa you are considering and here's why;

Chinese plumbing is Metric not SAE and has the Royal Crown symbol embossed on the fitting (Hong Kong)

Chinese Pumps work fine with Chinese fittings but leak when repairs are made with American fittings

Chinese jets look fine in the showroom but once the rotating part wears out and has to be replaced you cannot find one.

The electric components generally use Chinese parts which are not rated the same way as American parts.

Look for Keywords

In China "Ground" is referred to as "Earth"

In the instruction booklet measurements are listed in centimeters and millimeters.

One can usually tell if the owners manual is an English translation.

Look for the Royal Crown emblem on plumbing fittings or the complete absence of any information on plumbing fittings.