Well Stocked to handle most service calls on a one call basis. Saves you money saves me time. The more information up front the better for both of us.

Let me take the complexity and the confusion out of repairing your hot tub. and while it is certainly true that money can be saved by purchasing parts on the internet they seldom come with instructions  on how to install it nor a guarantee that it is the correct part.

 Aquastar's Phones

Please use a cell phone when calling Aquastar one with text capability

916-532-2211 Txt,Pix and Voice

Landlines: 916-988-8606,  456-4009 & 786-0925

Fax: 916-988-2729

Android: 916-532-2211 (perferred) text and pix


Steven Bjerke -proprietor- Senior technician-

6349 Filbert Ave Orangevale CA 95662 us


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​Android Txt & Pix      916-532-2211      Fax 916-988-2729

​Folsom & Roseville   916-988-8606   or   916-850-2660

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