Aquastar Spa Repair

          Be patient everyone makes mistakes. Use a powdered product                         to begin with and as you become more adept graduate to the tablets just remember tablets do not have a brain. They are good only for people who use the spa every day. However tablets don't know when to stop. DO NOT USE POOL CHEMICALS THEY ARE FORMULATED FOR COLD WATER AND WILL KILL YOUR SPA. Lastly Liquid Chlorine should never be used to treat a hot tub It will kill your Hot Tub.

           Be Careful with the products you buy. Look for Total Available Chlorine levels on the product label.                  A range of between 50 to 65% total available chlorineis a well engineered and          

buffered product that gives predictable protection over several days.  Purchase                                            your products from pool supply stores not mass merchandisers stores that hire part time

and uninformed people. Look for knowledgeable people behind the counter like

someone that might have a spa. I recommend        >>>

​​           Every time you add Chlorine or Bromine you are also                 adding acid to the water. Acid is found in Chlorine

and bromine products. It is this acid that eats spa pillows,spa covers, chrome fixtures, heater welds and pump seals. It is the acid that burns your eyes and dries your skin.

          Add your chemicals afteryou use the spa. Use a Non Chlorine shock to do a quick clean up of the                   water if it smells or looks bad .Shock treatments are quick acting and dissipate usually in 30 minutes Run your finger along the waters edge if it feels slimy the sanitizer level is low if your finger squeaks chances are the acid levels are too high

Basic Chemistry

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                           ​    Every time you add something to the spa water You will                        have to compensate for it later, this is a fact. Too much of          a chemical is bad, too little is bad. You do need a lot of                         products A sanitizer, Ph adjustments and a test kit


Dont let a good spa go bad